Getting the kit in place

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I’ve been busy shopping this week, buying a second camera and the iMac for editing.

The camera I’ve chosen is the Nikon D3200.

Ideally I would have liked a second D7000, so I had matching kit, but the video spec on the much cheaper D3200 is actually superior in a number of ways.

It will shoot 1080p HD video at 24fps, the same as the D7000, with a matching codec. This means I should have continuity between cameras, something I was worrying about when the plan was to shoot with some other existing kit at 30fps and with a different video coding.

You can’t really argue with the economics of a broadcast quality HD SLR camera brand new for only £250 (including a generous £30 cashback offer from Nikon).

I’ve added a second set of Manfrotto tripod legs as well as a new Manfrotto fluid video head.

For the editing suite, I’ve ordered a new iMac 27″ with 3TB of hard drive and 16MB of RAM. I decided to upgrade to 16MB as this means it will be running 2 x 8MB RAM with a couple of spare slots, so upgrading in the future to the maximum possible 32MB will mean adding two more 8MB cards, rather than buying four of them (to replace the existing 2 x 4MB cards from the 8MB version).

The iMac, when it arrives, will run Final Cut Pro X along with various plugins for titles, transitions, effects and colour grading.

The short (8-10 minute) documentary I plan to make in the New Year will give me the opportunity to test all of this kit and learn some basic editing functions. I can then learn more as I go and, hopefully, hire some professional FPCX editing assistance towards the end of the project, to create the finished product.

Lining up experts for interviews and characters for featuring in the movie is going well. I’ve got four excellent people who have said yes in principle and emails out to another three people I want.