Making progress

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This week has seen some excellent progress on pre-production for the movie.

With only one exception, where I’m still awaiting a reply, all of the experts I have asked for interviews have agreed to be involved in the project. This means I have nine high profile experts lined up to interview between February and May. In an ideal world, I would like three or four more.

Two companies we work with have very generously allowed me to use their offices in central London, as well as put forward investment and pension experts for interviews. One of the companies has even offered the services their communications manager, a talented photographer, to assist with lighting and cameras on the day.

I’ve got three filming afternoons in London in the diary provisionally, waiting for confirmation to confirm access to the rooms. Once I have this, I will start booking in the experts and preparing questions for their interviews.

This week also saw me pitching Boom! to the events committee of a national conference which takes place in November for 600+ Financial Planners. The committee grilled me for ten minutes with a series of challenging questions; I should hear in early January whether my proposal for screen the premiere at their conference was successful.

Also this week I met with a local firm who will be the subject of a short (6-8 minute) documentary we are filming together in January, as a way to practice my technique and get more comfortable with some of the kit. This short documentary (title pending) will show the journey from ‘farm to fork’, interviewing a farmer, the business owners and a customer.

I’ve spent some time reviewing different music options and been in touch with a musician I would love to work with to feature some of his back catalogue and perhaps even an original soundtrack for Boom! His style is a good match for the movie and it would make for an excellent Kickstarter bonus to be able to offer an original soundtrack download or CD alongside the movie.

I have also found a local celebrity I would like to do the narration for the movie. I have his contact details but will hold off making contact for now, until I have a clearer idea of what is needed in terms of a script and duration for the narration.

My new iMac is due to arrive on Monday, so I will spend some time over Christmas and the New Year setting this up and starting to learn how to use Final Cut Pro X, now in version 10.1 since the launch of the new Mac Pro this week.

There are a few more experts I would like to contact over the next couple of weeks and I would also like to find two or three more ‘characters’ for the movie. Another task for the Christmas holidays is to start sketching out of the movie structure (although I’m keen to allow it to develop quite organically once filming commences) and a more precision production and post-production schedule.

As I continue to make progress, the project is starting to feel slightly less daunting and still very, very exciting.