Making a go of it

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It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post and things are progressing very nicely.

We have interviews booked in with six experts, on location on 20th February and two filming dates in central London (11th March and 1st April).

I’m waiting to confirm a third filming date in London on 24th April, where I hope to interview a further three experts, and an interview session in Brighton on 4th April.

Our filmed Death Cafe is gaining traction, with some local press coverage and some early bookings. In the next couple of weeks, 1,000 postcards are being dropped through local letterboxes, which might garner an interesting reaction!

Next week see filming start on a pilot documentary, designed to test the various bits of kit and give me some practice with the new editing suite. This pilot will also be used to demonstrate to the committee deciding on whether or not the movie can premiere at a big annual conference for Financial Planners in October that I’ve got what it takes to create a movie worth showing to their audience.

I’m working with a new local business to create this pilot and we have decided to use the creative brief set out by Sundance London for their Short Film Competition:

Making A Go Of It
“As the world around us changes rapidly, it seems we are constantly striving to either get ahead or get by. This year we are looking for stories about moving forward in life, love or loss and the pursuit of what makes us inspired to keep going. Sometimes these are happy stories and sometimes they are poignant, but they always change the way we look at the world.”

The two brothers behind this venture have both given up successful careers to put everything on the line and follow their dream of creating an incredible business.

We are spending some time together one afternoon next week to record some interview footage and then will capture ‘b-roll’ footage after that, before I edit together the short movie.

There is still plenty to do, on both the main feature and this pilot movie, but things are moving nicely in the right direction.