Reaching a key milestone

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Reaching a key milestoneToday represented a key milestone for the project, as I started filming, not for the movie itself but for a pilot movie designed to convince an events committee to allow me to premiere Boom! at their conference in October.

The aim is to create a short movie of up to 5 minutes long, designed to demonstrate my film making techniques, interview skills and editing capabilities.

The filming today consisted of two interviews each lasting around twenty minutes. I’m heading back to their site tomorrow to capture some more footage which I can then edit together with the ‘talking heads’ to create the movie, along with music, titles and transitions.

Sounds simple, right?

Getting back to the office today after completing the interviews, I plugged the SD cards from my camera and audio recorder into the iMac and imported the four files (two movies, two audio) into Final Cut Pro X. So far, so good.


A really neat feature of this editing software is the ability to automatically synchronise video and audio files. You select the file pairs, click a button and the software creates a new synchronised video file with the combined audio.

Reviewing the results of the interviews on the iMac screen, I was really pleased with the initial results. The video captured by the Nikon D7000 is incredibly sharp. I filmed in 1280p HD but forgot to change the settings to high quality, something to add to my checklist for next time!

The audio was also really nice, although needs some work in terms of balancing volumes and reducing background noise. I also need to work on colour grading, possibly using a plugin.

If everything goes smoothly, I hope to have the video finished by the end of next week. I’ll share it with a handful of people for some initial feedback before publishing it here towards the end of the month.