Progress report

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Things are progressing very well with the movie. Following my last update on 5th February, a lot has happened.

The pilot movie I put together in February has been really well received and has certainly given me the confidence that the feature-length documentary is an achievable goal.

I spent a couple of afternoons with the team at The Original Supper Box Co. and then around five hours editing the footage to create a five minute short. It’s far from perfect and there is a lot I would do differently if I was editing it again, but as a first effort I’m really pleased. Here it is:

The Entrepreneurs from Martin Bamford on Vimeo.

A few weeks later I recorded another short interview with one of the characters and recut the original footage to create a new two minute film, this time as his entry to the Samsung Launching People competition on Facebook:

Samsung Launching People – Jody Gillett from Martin Bamford on Vimeo.

I’m so much happier with the quality of this second film and will continue to practice with the creation of several more short films before starting the edit of Boom!

The big news from the past month is that principal photography for Boom! has started, with the filming of three expert interviews.



Suzy Miller is a divorce planner, alternative divorce expert and founder of the UK’s first Starting Over Show. I wanted to talk to Suzy about divorce because Baby Boomers are bucking the trend currently, with ‘silver splitters’ becoming a real phenomena while the overall divorce rate for younger people is actually in decline.

Is there something about the unique social history of Baby Boomers which is prompting these divorces in later life? Suzy shared some interesting opinions on this as well as her tips for better relationships in retirement.


1167319_424661247680292_926482830_oGarry White is Chief Investment Commentator at Charles Stanley Stockbrokers. He is a well known commentator on the investment markets, having spent the past 5 years as share tipster at the Daily and Sunday Telegraph.

I wanted to chat to Garry about the investment and economic impact of the Baby Boomer generation reaching retirement over the next twenty years. What will this event mean for future generations and are there any themes arising from an ageing population investors can consider today?

1493452_424661287680288_1385073397_oI also interviewed Andrew Montlake of Coreco this afternoon. Monty is a founding director of Coreco, one of the leading independent mortgage brokers in London and regularly features in the national press.

I spoke to Andrew about how Baby Boomers have benefited from sharp rises in the value of their property since the second world war, whether their forthcoming retirement will precipitate a property crash and how Baby Boomers might best help their adult children onto the property ladder.


On Saturday morning we hosted a Death Cafe in Cranleigh, to facilitate a discussion about dying and making the most of our finite lives. Lots of interesting and interested people attended, but one real character to emerge from the event was Simon Ferarr.

Simon was a builder who had an epiphany and quit his career to open a natural burial site in the Surrey Hills. I’m keen to visit Simon and learn more about his story for Boom!. Watch this space.

Over the next month I’ve got several more interviews lined up as well as a filming session with a group of volunteers at Surrey Wildlife Trust.

The next few months should be very interesting as I gather more footage for the movie and see how the story develops organically. Another progress report soon, I promise.