Kickstarter campaign off to a flying start

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Clipboard01Last Wednesday saw the launch of our Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the post-production of Boom!

Within 24 hours of launching the Kickstarter, the project was nearly 50% funded, a milestone we reached yesterday afternoon.

The Kickstarter campaign here aims to raise £3,200 within 30 days to cover the post-production costs of the movie including professional narration, the soundtrack, rights to use copyrighted materials and entry to film festivals.

Because Kickstarter operates an ‘all or nothing’ funding model, it is essential we reach 100% of our funding target within the next 24 days, in order to secure this financial support to complete the movie to a high standard.

We decided to use Kickstarter to crowdfund the production of the movie, rather than use additional corporate sponsorship, as a way to build an army of supporters who will help spread the important messages in this documentary.

Supporters of the Kickstarter campaign can choose from a number of incentives, ranging from a digital download of the movie to Executive Producer status (this backer incentive already gone!).

Will you be joining #teamboomdocu and backing the first UK documentary by an Independent Financial Adviser?