Assumptions about the future

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Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 17.20.39Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing Abraham Okusanya in London.

Abraham is a Chartered Financial Planner and Certified Financial Planner (CFP) professional, with a Master’s degree from Coventry University. Put simply, he is one smart cookie and his analytical work in the Financial Planning world is held in very high regard.

We chatted about Financial Planning, lifetime cash flow forecasting and some of the assumptions people need to make in retirement to ensure they never run out of money.

These assumptions are so important when it comes to Financial Planning; you need to think about likely investment returns, inflation and even when you might die.

Abraham shared some excellent tips for making sure these assumptions about the future are sensible, realistic and regularly reviewed. I look forward to featuring his insights in the movie.

Yesterday was my fourteenth interview for the movie and I have interview number fifteen lined up for early next week.

The interview filming stage of the movie is reaching its conclusion now. There are one or two others I would dearly love to get on camera for the movie, but time pressures mean I need to get to work editing very soon.

During the editing process, which will last through until September, I may well book some extra interviews to follow-up on concepts and themes already explored in the fourteen interviews to date.

It is exciting through to start moving into the official post-production stage of the movie, and bringing together all of the work completed to date in order to create a finished movie.

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