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It’s been a big week for Boom! An epic week, in fact.

On Tuesday I was back down in Dorset to film interview number 15, which was also the final scheduled interview for the movie.

I met with Justin King, an award-winning Chartered Financial Planner and CFP professional based in Christchurch, to interview him about Financial Planning for Baby Boomers in retirement.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 16.04.12

Justin is full of energy and comes across on camera as someone filled with passion about his expertise.

He has also kindly backed Boom! on Kickstarter, becoming the Executive Producer of the project. Justin and I spent some time on Tuesday making plans to collaborate on something connected with the movie which we will announce very soon.

Later in the week I started organising a series of pop up screenings of the movie, which will take place at the end of Financial Planning Week 2014 in November.

These pop up screenings will be hosted by individuals and businesses across the UK; the movie will be shown to small audiences of their employees, clients and professional connections. Seven of these have already been confirmed which means the movie will be shown at venues in London, Brighton, Edinburgh, Bath, Cornwall, Devon and Cardiff on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th November 2014.

Check out the details of this idea at and get in touch if you are interested in hosting your own pop up screening of Boom!

Now that all of the interviews for the movie have been filmed, the editing process has begun. This morning I spent a few hours on a rough edit of one of the fifteen interviews.


My process for this is as follows; I watch one of the camera angles from each interview, clipping out usable content and adding this to a new timeline. At this stage I’m not concerned about audio quality or colour correction, just getting a rough cut of the material I can use in the finished movie.

I make notes as I go, so each segment of content has some notes about what it covers, and then I burn the rough edit of the interview onto a DVD. My plan is to transcribe the interviews so I have the text of each of these to hand. This will make it easier to start piecing the movie together and working out where each segment of the interviews fits within the overall structure.

At the same time I am making a shot list to accompany each interview; what content (photos, video, music) will I need to accompany that part of the interview? I’m also thinking about the research and statistics I might need to back up each segment.

I’m hoping this rough edit process will be finished within the next couple of weeks, so I can then start work on finalising the structure of the movie and finishing the script.

The biggest news I’ve saved to last. Within the past couple of hours, Boom! has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter!

Screen Shot 2014-06-28 at 20.20.47

This is such an incredible achievement and I’ve been blown away by all of the support shown for the project over the past 18 days. We have raised over £3,200 which will fund professional narration, a soundtrack, rights to use copyrighted materials and entry to some film festivals.

It means the movie can be finished to a very high standard and, most importantly, has already got an army of supporters who are keen to spread the word about the important messages contained within Boom!

The Kickstarter project is open for funding for another 12 days, and any additional financial support is very welcome. If we can raise an even greater amount it means we can commission some original songs for the movie soundtrack.

With the interviews finished and Kickstarter fully funded, the hard work of finishing the movie can now begin. More updates soon.