Boom! editing workflow

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Boom! editing workflowI’ve had a few people ask me how I plan to go about turning the footage I’ve filmed to date into an actual feature-length documentary movie. It’s a good question!

Here’s an outline of my editing workflow.

In the first instance, I’m working through each of the 18 main ‘events’ in Final Cut Pro to complete a rough edit.

This means for each interview I’m cutting out the usable content; basically the responses from the interviewees to my questions. As I cut these and place them onto a new timeline, I’m making some very rough notes about what each bit of content contains.

I’ve completed three of these rough edits so far and have another 15 to finish. They aren’t taking as long as I expected, probably because I’m not too fussed about edit points or quality at this stage, simply extracting the potential content from interviews and getting this in one place.

Of the three interviews I have rough edited to date, the content comes to just over 31 minutes. I’m aiming for Boom! to be around 80 minutes long, so this is a reassuring number and will give me plenty to work with as I edit it down to build a coherent story.

I’m burning each rough edit onto a separate DVD and then will send the whole lot across to a virtual assistant to transcribe the interviews. This transcription will help when it comes to building the story and also with writing the script for my narrator.

At this stage, I’m planning to build the story by using flash cards on a large table, before I start organising in Final Cut Pro.

Once all of this is done, I can start adding transitions, titles, text and effects, mixing the audio and adding music. Colour correction of the project is the final stage.