Kickstarter, screenings & poster design

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Last Friday was a pretty amazing day. In addition to it being the 20th birthday for our family business, it was the final day for our Kickstarter campaign which resulted in Boom! being fully funded by over 60 generous backers. Thank you to each and every one of you.

In fact, we reached 109% of our funding goal by the time the Kickstarter closed. We will use these additional funds to licence a piece of music for the end credits.

Editing the movie is going really well, with ten of the fifteen interviews now roughly edited and a DVD of each one sent to a virtual assistant to be transcribed. The goal for this week is to finish a rough edit of the remaining five and then start to build the structure of the movie, based on the notes from each interview.

Once all of the transcripts arrive, we can start building the structure in more detail and writing a script around this, ready for Paul Lewis to narrate.

In addition to editing, we have been busy arranging screenings for the movie in November.

The original plan was to screen Boom! at the Cranleigh Arts Centre on Thursday 27th November. This venue has a capacity of 200 seats and public booking for this screening opens on 31st July.

Our Executive Producer Justin King has also arranged a screening, to take place at The Regent Centre in Christchurch, a 484 seat cinema venue. Here is a photo from inside.


We are also hosting a press screening in central London on Wednesday 26th November, courtesy of our friends at Royal London. Get in touch if you are a journalist and would like a seat at this press screening, as space at this venue is very limited.

Finally, we have been busy arranging a series of pop up screenings of the movie, taking place all across the country during Financial Planning Week. 11 of these pop up screenings have been confirmed to date, with a 12th about to be added. If you would like to host your own pop up screening, you can find out more here. I would love to add some international venues to this list.

Another task in hand is poster design. We are engaging a professional graphic designer to create a visually stunning movie poster, which will also form the basis for the DVD cover and movie artwork for Vimeo on Demand, where viewers will be able to buy or stream the movie from November.

We have some more (very) big news to announce on the project soon.