The rough cut

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After a couple of weeks of offline editing and then 10 solid days of sequencing in Final Cut Pro X, the rough cut of Boom! Demographics Are Destiny is finished.

What this means in practice is that each interview segment has been added to the timeline in the right place. I’ve added placeholders to divide each theme-based section and more placeholders where narration will appear, before recording a scratch narration track.

The titles and end credits, with music, are also in place in draft format.

The rough cut comes to around 68 minutes, which I suspect means a finished movie of 73 or 74 minutes once additional b-roll and soundtrack is added.

My next step is to type up the narration script, run this past the narrator and then get it recorded. Once this is done, I can start the really hard work of:

-adding b-roll footage

-fine editing each interview segment to hide cuts, change camera angles, etc

-clean up and balance the audio

-colour grade the project

-add final titles and graphics

With a week of holiday in the diary for next week, this means another busy week ahead, before finishing the movie entirely by my target date of 5th September.