Nearly finished

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After what feels like an epic journey, the movie is very nearly finished.

A further fifty hours of editing so far this week and all of the footage I’m using is in place. This is how the timeline looks in Final Cut Pro.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 10.26.54

Next task is to fine tune each of the edit points, perhaps changing one or two items of b-roll and adding some additional backing music. I then need to ‘colour grade’ each of the segments and finish the title sequences.

My narrator, Paul Lewis, is recording his script next Monday or Tuesday, so once that is finished and delivered I will be replacing the scratch narration track with his professional contribution.

Once this is done, I aim to ‘lock picture’ by the end of next week. The project will then be downloaded to an external hard drive and sent by courier to Nina Perry and her team at Open Audio, who will be spending two or three days finishing the sound for the project.

This sound finishing will focus on two key things; making sure the sound is level across the entire project and removing the worst of any background hiss/hum/noise from the interviews.

Once done, the movie will be entirely finished, with the aim of publishing the movie by Monday 15th September.

The published movie will then be sent to the organisers of the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) annual conference, ready for the sneak preview we are screening there on Monday 6th October.

I’ll also be submitting copies to documentary film festivals in the UK and overseas, and starting production of a limited run of DVDs of the movie, for Kickstarter backers and people who wish to purchase a DVD copy.

DVD copies and information packs will be prepared for each of the 14 companies who are kindly hosting a pop up screening of the movie during Financial Planning Week 2014 in November.

The movie will also be uploaded to Vimeo On Demand, ready for being available to rent or purchase online from Friday 28th November onwards.