Boom! is finished

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The movie is finishedThe movie is finished.

After several weeks of relentless editing, I headed into London on Tuesday afternoon to meet Paul Lewis at BBC Broadcasting House, to collect the narration audio files he had recorded.

This was a milestone moment for the project, not least because I got to sit next to Clare Balding in the BBC reception.

On my return to the office that afternoon, I was able to drop the narration into place, replacing the scratch narration tracks I had previously recorded. Instantly, the documentary was transformed.

All that was left was to check the edit points for the b-roll footage which overlays the narration, detach the audio from each interviewee and create a single compound clip, apply some sound filters to these to clean up the background noise and raise the levels with broadcast safe parameters, watch the whole thing again (twice) to check for anything I had missed and then apply a broadcast safe colour filter to the whole project.

As I type this, my iMac is busy rendering the final movie; it’s at 39% and will probably need another hour to get this done.

The movie can then be exported to Compressor and a final movie file generated, which is likely to take around 4-5 hours, despite the processing capabilities of the Mac.

Next steps include sending out some preview copies, entering a film festival or two, and planning for the various screenings of the movie.