IFP Annual Conference this morning

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Earlier this morning, Boom! Demographics Are Destiny was screened to an audience for the first time at the Institute of Financial Planning (IFP) annual conference which is taking place this week at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport.

Introducing the movie to an audience of Financial Planners, this is what I had to say:

Good morning and welcome to this screening of Boom! Demographics Are Destiny. Before we press the play button and you become the first audience to ever watch this movie, I want to take just a few minutes to share with you some of the experiences from the creation of what you are about to see.

The idea for this documentary came about around a year ago. We kept seeing research talking about the impact of the post-war Baby Boomer generation entering retirement and we wanted to start a big conversation about what this meant.

This could have been the start of the journey to write and publish another book – it probably would have been a lot easier and cheaper to write a book! – but instead we went searching for a Purple Cow; something which would help us stand out in a crowded marketplace. The idea of filming and producing a feature-length documentary was born.

With the idea in hand, all I needed to do was find out how to make a movie. It turns out to be a lot easier than it sounds! There are literally thousands of YouTube tutorials showing you step-by-step everything from lighting techniques to editing workflows.

There are no barriers anymore to doing new and creative things.Technology places professional kit in the hands of consumers and the Internet shares the knowledge you need to make things happen. Every single person in this room could leave here today, find the tools and knowledge to make a movie, host their own radio show or publish a book.

I’ve brought along some of the kit I used to make the movie you are about to watch. This was my filming rig; a DSLR camera, digital audio recorder and shotgun microphone. You can put together a similar package for less than £500.

It used to cost tens of thousands of pounds to film broadcast quality footage. Today, the same types of camera that Stephen Spielberg or Peter Jackson are using in some of their latest work can be picked up for a couple of hundred pounds. The most watched documentary of recent years was filmed on an iPhone.

I also learnt a lot about the power of community. From a very early stage, I wanted to crowdfund the cost of finishing this movie. This was less about raising the money we needed and more about building an army of supporters, passionate about the project and its core messages.

So we ran a Kickstarter campaign, exceeding our fundraising goal within the 30 day time limit, and in the process gaining supporters to help spread the word about Boom! Demographics Are Destiny. Thank you to everyone who backed this movie and brought it to life.

Another community element to this movie is the people it features. I’m sure you will recognise several IFP members who are in the movie, some of them are in this room today! I was overwhelmed by how generous everyone was with their time and willingness to share knowledge to create this documentary. It turns out you just need to ask nicely and people often say yes!

When I was lining up experts to interview, I was keen to include the non-financial aspects of the retirement journey for Baby Boomers. Some of the most enlightening conversations I’ve had during the past twelve months have been about relationship breakdowns, the incurable nature of dementia and what happens to all of us at the end of our lives.

As Financial Planners, we can add a great deal of value to the lives of our clients by gaining a deep understanding of these issues and the knowledge of where to go for all of the answers.

Over the next twenty years, Financial Planners will become more important than ever before in dealing with the challenges faced by the retiring Baby Boomer cohort. In my opinion, there has never been a better time to be a Financial Planner with our unique mix of skills and knowledge, and tools at our disposal.

Please come and find me at the end or during the rest of the conference to let me know what you think and just ask if you would like to join 15 other Financial Planning firms who will be hosting their own pop-up screening of this movie for clients and professional connections during Financial Planning Week next month.

Here’s the movie, I hope you enjoy it.