“Boom! provides a fascinating insight into the financial needs and aspirations of baby boomers as they approach retirement. Written and filmed by financial adviser Martin Bamford the film weaves together interviews with well known industry commentators and boomers themselves providing a compelling narrative and important insights. I feel that Martin’s understanding of the Boomer generation shines through in the script. I doubt the BBC could have outdone him.”

Roger Edwards, Marketing Strategy, Content & Social Media, Speaker and Yoga Teacher

“I found it very interesting and particularly relevant being myself a part of the subject age group. I thought it brought together a lot of issues facing my generation and linked them all together well.
I would like to congratulate the director on an enjoyable and thought provoking film.”

-Mr R F, Tunbridge Wells

“Boom! is so well put together and really does encapsulate the full breadth of financial and lifestyle decisions relating to the current 40-60 year olds that we all deal with as financial advisers on a regular basis.  At times it felt as though the speakers were talking about specific clients of ours! We were both really impressed with what Martin has put together.”

-Claire Csoka, Accudo Investments